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." rush limbaugh speaks out. the king of conservative talk radio on president obama. >> what has he done for and to the country? >> chris: on the state of the gop. why aren't people turning to the republicans? and on himself. what did you learn from drug rehab? rush limbaugh in a "fox news sunday" exclusive. then, big governor's races tuesday in virginia and new jersey. carl cameron has the latest from bothleground states and major garrett looks at what the elections mean to the white house. we will ask our sunday group brit, mara, bill and juan if it will become law, all right now on "fox news sunday." and hello again from fox news in washington. news out of afghanistan, abdullah has dropped out saying karzai refused to reform the election process to prevent more massive fraud. we willle have more on that story later. >>> now, to the interview with rush limbaugh. whether you love him or can't stand him, he is a major player on the american political scene. for three hours a day, five days a week, he tells listeners exactly what he thinks on more than 600 radio stations across the countr
obama compromise. even on the hot button public option but on afghanistan, the middle is a muddle. it's either fight the taliban with all we've got or clear out. making his mark. when the debate ends, will the health care fight mark a new american direction in social policy? will his call in afghanistan be a trumpet blast or a fog horn? the change of seasons. last november, the country bought the chase for change. we were the change we've been waiting for but this november, some say they're still waiting. can the obama white house ever be as good as his campaign? i'm chris matthews. welcome to the show. katty kay covers washington for the british broadcasting corporation. howard fineman is senior washington correspondent at "newsweek." mary jordan covers politics at "the washington post." and mark whitaker is washington bureau chief for nbc news. first up, for president obama, this autumn may well the story of his first year and perhaps of his entire term. coming straight at a critical turning point from the two standout issues before the country. our future in afghanistan, and a cure
the mess. >> bill: if obama fails then it's going to be open season. obama will get the nomination, but hillary may challenge him on the democratic side. if things don't get better, if things are like this -- although the economic thing today was good. >> the economic thing was not good. you know why? because of cash for clunkers, that is what tipped it the other way. >> bill: with whatever it did, i agree with you. what do you think of mitt romney i know a little bit. he did a very good job in massachusetts, a democratic state, a republican. he did a good job in saving the olympics out in salt lake city. he looks to be a guy who knows what economics are. i don't think he is going to run up a trillion dollar deficit and he is a very articulate but his mormonism hurt him. you think that romney is a guy that would capture your support? >> he had it kind of only because my main issue was the economy. he may be the only guy that could help. however, i don't think -- romney is a great ceo. he'll broker deals and get it done. he'll never say anything that will throw it out of whack. howe
america for what it truly is, ao country that has a huge decisioe to make.hope president obama promises us hopt and change and he is, at least, keeping some of those promises of change but i don't think itis is the change that millions ofoe americans voted for. b this nation is being fundamentad we transerformed as we promiseed but we didn't listen to him, wou didn't know those words, didn'ti know what he meant when he saide he would transform this nation. one way he and his helpers areht doing it is by stripping away our right to free speech. love the president and others profess to be saviors of our free speecl rights.ew they love free speech. but when you pull back thepe curtain as we're literally goint to do on this program in a few minutes, you will see it isit being eradicated for controlled speech. depends on what speech you wantk to speak. control over the media? control over the internet? ove control to assemble? control over you? enforcnator barack obama's presidential campaign is asking missouri law enforcement to target anyone who lies or runs e phoeuz leading television ad. >>
. president obama promises us hope and change, and he is at least keeping some of those promises, change, but i don't think it is the change that millions of americans voted for. this nation is being fundamentally transformed, again, as he promised but we didn't really listen to him. we didn't understand those words. we didn't know what it meant when he said he would transform this nation. one way this administration and its helpers are doing it is by systematically stripping away our right to free speech. yes,?nd the president and other progressives profess so be saviors of our first amendment rights. they love free speech, but when you pull back the curtain, like we're about to literally do in a few moments on this program, you will see that free speech is being eradicated for controlled speech. it depends on which speech you want to speak. control over the media. control over the internet. control to assemble. control over you. senator barack obama's presidential campaign is asking missouri law enforcement to target anyone who lies or runs a misleading television ad. >> prosecutors an
. >> kelly: iment on fox news watch. one year since barack obama was elected president. >> change has come to america. >> does the media love fest continue? and election day on tuesday with two important races. will the mainstream media spin the results? economy troubles, sputtering health care reform, no plan for our troops. our commander-in-chief has become chief fundraiser, has the press noticed? distracted at 30,000 feet. two northwest pilots missed the runway by more than 100 miles. did we get the facts? is the press flying in circles? and the world series is on and so is the trash talking by the president in both cities. >> on the panel this week, writer and fox news contributor judy miller. rich lawrie editor of the national review. jim pinkerton fellow new america foundation and columnist and fox news analyst keir stin powers, i'm jon scott, fox news watch is on right now. . >> i'll always be honest with you about the challenges we face. i will listen to you, especially when we disagree. >> barack obama on election night there, just about one year ago. fast food forward to
m dan harris >>> i'm dan harris, and this is "world news." toght, the obama effect. the president back on the campaign trail, trying to help an embattled democrat up for election on tuesday. can he rally voters the way he did one year ago? >>> election chaos in afghanistan. after president karzai's chief rival quits. where does this leave the u.s. effort to stabilize that country? >>> sweet spot. our investigation into the marketing of fatty, sugary foods to children. now, they are targeted online, on their cell phones and even inside of popular video games. many parents have no idea. >>> and, born to run. as an american man wins the new york marathon for the first time in a generation, we look at why, when it comes to running, humans are the king of beasts. >>> good evening. one year ago tonight, barack obama was out on t campaign trail heading to victory under the banner of yes we can. today, they were calling it yes we can 2.0, as mr. obama went back on the campaign trail, not for himself, but for the governor of new jersey, jon corzine. this race is emerginging as a test of ob
door of 1600 pennsylvania avenue. and at a year when the obama man spoke straight and zombie is among the most popular costumes perhaps it is fitting that the president came as himself, dressed in casual weekend attire. the president's mother-in-law came as herself. the first lady was a leep pardons complete with cat ears around along with the daughters they all joined in handing out candy. the obamas passing out goody bags loaded with white house m & ms with the president's signature on them and a sweet butter cookie baked by the white house pastry stop. the biggest thrill according to many of the kids was just meeting the president and his family on halloween. celebrations elsewhere including the flam buoyant, outrageous greenwich parade, the hottest costume, thrill of vintage michael jackson and this kate goss lin. octo mom and her brood also very big. swine flu also making a big appearance this year. the swine flu as well as disgraced windler bernard madoff. if you are not that into halloween or baseball the top story this weekend is probably politics because whether you live in e
president obama time to decide if he'll send additional troops to afghanistan. white house said all along they won't make a decision on the troop levels here until this afghan election has been resolved. by all appearances now it will be president karzai. there is the issue of legitimacy. the short one, it gives a new government for the u.s. and other international partners to work with. this is part of the basis of adding troops is there must be a credible, viable partner in afghanistan. everything that has happened with this election process has cast doubt whether or not hamid karzai is that viable credible partner. the corruption is so wide and widespread across all of the government here. there is a real concern that going forward this election may just embolden hamid karzai and prevent him from firing the officials that the u.s. would like to see fired. shannon? >> shannon: now reporting live for us from afghanistan. thank you very much for the update, connor. so what implications will abdullah's withdrawal have for the u.s.? caroline shively standing by with the look at that angle.
the army really believes that. i think the obama administration is more skeptical. >> lauren, there are two schools of thought on the president's protracted process. one is dick cheney school of the president dithering and that he is patient. what repercussions are there for the policy? >> well, our allies are looking to us for a very clear signal as to whether we are going to commit. unfortunately the rhetoric of the president's early months has become a good deal less, shall we say, aggressive, less decisive than where he began. obviously the pakistanis are concerned there might be decline in our commitment to the situation and, frankly, i think what they're detecting is right. i don't think the administration wants to do this. they're trying to figure out some way of extricating themselves, or at least not building up any further, but it is awfully hard. they have boxed themselves in. >> greg's excellent story in the washington post today about how obama is going through province by province to find out the leaders. that is like lbj poring over maps in the vietnam white house in the seco
in new jersey and virginia will tell us about president obama's first year and the future of the democratic agenda when we come back. ún >> well, nobody will be watching election returns on tuesday night with more interest than the president. who has a lot riding on the outcomes of two governor's races with democratic deeds running behind his republican rival in virginia. the white house's best bet now seems to be in new jersey where the latest polls have democratic incumbent governor jon corzine pulling evening with challenger chris christie. many see it a referendum on the president's first year in office as well as an important indicator for democrat's chances of passing a liberal domestic agenda not to mention winning in next year's congressional mid terms. the wall street journal's dan ettinger, jason riley and steve moore have been following the races. join me now. referendum on president obama or not? >> well, these are all places he won pretty handily a year ago. 57% of the vote in new jersey. 53% in virginia, so, yes, i think it's a fair test of whether the demo
think about each and every day. >> one year from triumph, president obama confronts tough challenges. >> we're out of jobs. >> young americans are unnecessarily in harm's way. >> no government plan, no more debt, no more government takeovers. >> is he delivering his promise of change? >> you've got to recognize that change doesn't happen overnight. >> our exclusive headliner, the president's adviser, confidante and close friend, valerie jarrett. plus, debate and analysis on our powerhouse roundtable with george will, strategist dee dee myers from the clinton white house and ed gillespie from the bush white house and ron brownstein of "the national journal" and liberal activist reverend al sharpton. and "the sunday funnies." >> obama is a good golfer. you know what his handicap is? joe biden, yeah, joe biden. >>> it was one year ago this week that barack obama made history with his sweeping win over john mccain. how much has he changed the country? how much has the office changed him? we have at roundtable standing by to debate those questions and all the week's politics including har
: president obama wrapping up a trip to new jersey to support john improper design's bid. -- jon corzine. now running neck and neck with gop challenge chris christy. garden state is just one of two major gubernatorial show downs. the other one is in virginia where republican bob mack donl holds a substantial lead. we'll check on that raise with karl cameron but first, let's head to new jersey where we find julie that is following all the action there. >> reporter: the white house wants a big win in intelligence and obama camp isn't just sitting back this tight, important race in the final hours. you saw the live video. obama carried new jersey by 20 points. president is working to get out of the vote for jon corzine who? trouble in this tight race. push by mr. obama is aimed at energizing the base in new jersey, especially african-american voters who helped obama win the white house introducing the president as his partner and friend and hero and vowing his famous campaign slogan. >> a year ago, new jersey went to the polls just like we're going on tuesday, right? and we said, yes, we can. [
jersey and virginia will tell us about president obama's first year and the future of the democratic agenda when we come back. ck. >> well, nobody will be >> election returns on tuesday night with more interest than a president. who has a lot riding on the outcomes of two governor's races with democratic kra disease running far behind his rehub can lively in virginia. the best bet seems to be in new jersey where governor jon corzine pulls even with chris christie. the two contests are seen by many as a referendum on the president's first year in office as well as an important indicator of the democrat's chances of passing a liberal domestic agenda not to mention midyear congressional elections jason riley and steve moore have all been following the races. they join me now. referendum on president obama or not? >> these are all places that he won handily a year ago. 57 percent of the vote in new jersey 53 percent in virginia. i think it's a fair test of whether the democratic majority he ushered sustainable. it's a test of whether republicans can regain in places like virginia. we kn
for president obama, the commander in chief heading to edge in in the next hour, to attend two campaign events for the incumbent governor, democrat john corzine. good morning, everyone i'm jamie colby. >> eric: and i'm eric sean. president obama will be leading the campaign rallies in camden and newark later on today and both cities having democratic strongholds with thousands of democratic voters, who pulled the lever for president obama last november. just anywhere you look at shows jon corzine and chris christie running neck and neck and tuesday's election one of two high profile governor's races and could give us insight into what is to come in the midterm election next year. meanwhile, there is that hot congressional race in upstate new york, that is seeing the conservative candidate knock off the republican, even before the polls open in 48 hours. white house senior correspondents major garrett is now live at the white house. first, major, let's start with the special election, in upstate new york and what does the white house hope to get out of a race so focused on the republican droppi
driven by the real economy or was it due to the obama stimulus, pat buchanan? >> it was due to the stimulus and also the federal reserve. they were doubling to the money supply. these are steroid shots for the american economy and it worked. looks stronger, looks a lot better, but there's steroids. the real economy hasn't really come back. this should carry us through for one or two more quarters, but then we're going to see if the private economy is coming back, and there are no real signs of that right now. you've got your unemployment hanging in there at 9.8%, jon. so i think obviously this is good news. it's helpful to a lot of people, but i don't think it's conclusive proof that the real economy's come back. >> the stimulus helped, right? >> the stimulus helped. they have expired or the real estate credit is about to expire, but it's good news that government intervention actually did rescue us from the precipice, but what happens when these programs fade away? is there enough confidence in the economy to sustain this recovery? i think that's why president obama was sor
the obama man spoke straight and zombie is among the most popular costumes perhaps it is fitting that the president came as himself, dressed in casual weekend attire. the president's mother-in-law came as herself. the first lady was a leep pardons complete with cat ears around along with the daughters they all joined in handing out candy. the obamas passing out goody bags loaded with white house m & ms with the president's signature on them and a sweet butter cookie baked by the white house pastry stop. the biggest thrill according to many of the kids was just meeting the president and his family on halloween. celebrations elsewhere including the flam buoyant, outrageous greenwich parade, the hottest costume, thrill of vintage michael jackson and this kate goss lin. octo mom and her brood also very big. swine flu also making a big appearance this year. the swine flu as well as disgraced windler bernard madoff. if you are not that into halloween or baseball the top story this weekend is probably politics because whether you live in either virginia or new jersey, intense national i
to voters. tomorrow his heavy hitter guess back to town. obama will return from rallies in the state of new jersey and it appears the white house is investing a lot if the governor's race. here is what corzine said about it. >> his schedule was set for quite a while. this is not a last-minute decision, it was part of a plan to work together. we've been partners on turning our economy around. jobs, saving jobs. >> the republican challenger christie has a heavy hitter on the trail with him. rudy giuliani out shaking hands. also trying to rally the base here. we spoke with christie why he wants the job. tough time for new jersey and deficit looming. here is what he said. >> i have four sids between 6 and 16 -- four kids between 6 and 16. i love this state and lived here my whole life and i want my kids here to raise their families here. if we don't make it more affordable my kids won't afford to live here. >> this is anybody's race and it will come can down to who can motivate their supporters to get out to the poll on election day and cast the ballot. >> gregg: thank you. forget red and blue
in delaware, president obama saw the real prize american fighting men and women and their families are paying for the war in afghanistan. in the pre-dawn darkness, the commander-in-chief what is the return of 18 americans who were killed in afghanistan were -- it is to the return of 18 americans were killed in afghanistan this week. >> obviously, it was a sobering reminder of the extraordinary sacrifices that our young men and women in uniform are engaging in every single day, not only our troops, but their families as well. >> as casualties mount, the president and his national security team continue to deliberate strategy going forward. >> every day that goes by without that decision being made, the more days there are wary youngmericans are unnecessarily in harm's way, in my view. >> a marine combat veteran of iraq has become the first american official to resign in protest against the war in afghanistan. >> i believe that the people we are fighting there are fighting us because we are occupying that, not for ideological reasons or because of links to al qaeda or fundamental hatred towards for details. >>> dropping out. a dramatic day in afghanistan raising questions about president obama's next move. >>> back on the trail. the first big political test of the president in two key states. >>> new clues. what really happened inside the house of horrors in cleland. tonight, we're learning more. >>> and running down a dream. and making history today at the >>> and running down a dream. and making history today at the new york city marathon. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening, everyone. the obama administration, which has been engaged in deep soul-searching over the military mission in afghanistan, is embracing a controversial decision that leaving karzai as that nation's president. as expected today the man who opposed karzai for the job in a flawed and disputed election dropped out of the runoff contest. a development that moves the obama administration one step closer to a decision on whether to commit more american troops to a war that grows more difficult by the day. nbc's chief foreign course dents richard engel starts us off tonight with the late
about the weather, which is typical for autumn, i guess you could say, coming up. >> president obama faces the first anniversary of his election. he is bracing for more bad news as the latest jobs report hinted this week. 11 news reporter brian mooar has the latest project economy report from washington. >> one year ago this week, barack obama was elected president in a nation tumbling into financial abyss. he argued without the stimulus, the economy could be much worse. >> it is easy to forget that only a few weeks ago, the economy was shrinking, and economists fiers a depression. >> the report was recently that the economy grow over 3% -- and economists afeard a depression -- feared a depression. the unemployment is at 9.8%, and it could top 10 percent said this week with the latest jobs report -- it could top 10% this week. >> where are the jobs? >> republicans are scoffing at the claims by the democrats and the president of jobs being saved or created. treasury secretary timothy geithner predicts a choppy recovery. >> this is a very tough economy. it has only been three months of
for the u.s. war effort. >>> back on the trail. president obama tries to help fellow democrats slumping in the polls. could tuesday's results be a referendum on the president? >>> hold that pose. an ancient technique is now being used in new cutting-edge ways. how yoga is helping patients battle everything from attention deficit disorders to cancer. ♪ you ain't knock but a hound dog ♪ >>> and bad dog. bad. they bite. they chew. they bark, but can your out-of-control pooch be turned into a loyal lapdog. one fearless animal lover says yes, and he will show us how. >>> good morning, america. >> good morning. it is sunday, november 1st. and if you're here, weope you remembered to set your clock back last night. an extra hour of sleep. >> that's right. oh, so delicious for those of us on dawn patrol. i hope you had a happy, safe, candy abundant halloween out there. you know what house has the good stuff, that 1600 pennsylvania avenue although the first lady might try to slip you some veggies from her garden. we'll tell you how that went. >> she was dressed as cat woman apparently. we'll
issue with president obama. some people think it is leaning away from israel to achieve more progress between the israelis and palestinians. so far, the dividend is near zero. it has not worked out. >> it is fairly new, though, given how long the country has been -- >> it is only this year. mr. obama decided to be not george w. bush. on this particular issue -- >> i would say that was a good decision. >> it won him a nobel peace prize. >> the issue, not being gb means not being 110% with israel -- not being george w. bush means not being 110% with israel. mr. obama has decided to make demands. you must freeze all settlements. that will build confidence. you must take roadblocks down. >> when they happen after we have said don't do it, some spokesman, maybe the secretary of state, maybe the press spokesman, says it is not helpful. >> we will see how it works with the obama administration. israel has refused to take on settlements and has refused to please them. they have said they will act with restraint and won't take over a the arab-owned land in the west bank. there are fewer roadbl
with the architect of the obama campaign. an inside look at how he reached the white house and nearly one year after the election he has fulfilled his promises. with us, author of "the audacity to win." cam payne manager david plouffe. >>> but first, the treasury secretary timmy geithner, welcome back to "meet the press." >> good to be here. >> good economic news. the economy grew a little in the third quarter has people thinking things are better yet the market on friday dropped pretty sharply. does wall street think the recession is over? >> i think it is a good number. it was -- the growth was broad-based. it was investment, exports, consumption, housing for the first time, and it shows that just five months after the president came into office we got growth restarted, but it is just the beginning and we have a ways to go. unemployment is high and still rising. this is a very tough economy, still, for a huge numbers of american businesses, so we have a ways to go, david. >> do you think the recession is over? >> that's the judge the economists will make and they won't know until years from now, b
of the cnn coverage from overnight. >> in the past several weeks i spoke to president obama and gordon brown, as well as hillary clinton and john kerry. the main emphasis has been on the profits -- has been on the process and respecting the process. i was not the point of contact. for some time i was just watching television. host: "the new york times" reported that "hillary clinton gave the administration's only comment, that we see what is happening in our own country, where 40 whatever combination of reasons one of the candidates decides not to go forward. it is a personal choice that may or may not be made. made." for democrats, 202-737-0002. for republicans, 202-737-0001. for independents, 202-628-0205. edwin, sacramento. good morning. >> i find it surprising -- caller: i find it surprising that he would bedstraw at this point it is time for two things to take place. time for obama to engage the stakeholders in the region. afghanistan is separate. america has more in common with india. the need to try to negotiate so they can bring an end to the hostilities. pakistan has the from cards
, president obama hits the trail today stumping new jersey's incumbent jon corzine. how does it impact tuesday's election coming up? >> how is it for halloween fright night? a bat sneaks into a nba game. look at this. oh! >> instead of dunking the ball, the player goes for the bat. more of that coming up. our slogan goes from franklin in tennessee and i like what i see and hear and the reason i watch and listen to "fox & friends" throughout the year. i'm not sure where the rhyme is coming. >> the rear. >> it's time for "fox & friends." >> i like that, dave. that's what you're seeing in baseball. >> that's very clever, but fitting that a bat is seen on halloween. >> not a lot of bats, my. s. >> i bats can't do the work. >> i was up until 1:30 watching the late start and the people asking me where is your phillies red tie. >> i had on orange, i'll do it today. >> i admire your determination and willpower. coming up on the show. [baby crying] >> they're hammering you. they call him the dr. phil of real estate, how you can sell your house, what you can do, now not to get emotion that will, guys,
the white house's view of this network. even jay leno has taken notice. >> when the obama administration says that the fox news organization is not a respectable news organization, there is a lot of fighting going on between them. it's clear the president doesn't like them, especially the report from the white house. look at what happened with the fox reporter over the weekend. >> where does the house bill stand over the air blower behind me? good morning. >> good morning. it's actually a weed whacker, bill. hopefully they'll finish soon. >> i think we need to ask caroline shively what was it she was trying to say at the white house? well, this past week, a 20-year-old employee at home depot in palm beach was fired because he wore a button that said, "one nation under god indivisible." a quote from the pledge of allegiance. then a fitness center had a large flag and people complained, complained it was offensive because it might be construed as a christian sill bo -- symbol. i've heard it all now. the owner of the fitness center decided the flag would stay and the members who were offend
followed some good advice that the obama administration provided him. he waited until the last minute to bring him in and then he brought him into the tidewater area. i think mcdonnell has been very smart in how he's responded to his critics, even some of the attack ads, he's bn very, very smart in the way he's handled the attack ads. so, i just think, you know, it's going to be mcdonnell. >> jerry, the president -- the president did show up there last week. and surprisingly, to some, he had a lot of supporters and a lot of people who said this race is not about you. >> well, if there's such a thing as a miracle in virginia, it would be deeds pulling it out, like you said. but the president showing up there the other day, there's great hope that he will be able to do something for deeds. but we've been saying on this very show it's too late. he came on the 28th of october. the election is, what, november 3rd. and there was is this distancing, remember, when obama first went to virginia over the stimulus package project. there was no deeds there. everybody else was there but deeds didn
-election, new jersey governor corzine is hoping president obama's popularity in the garden state will rub off on him. >> we need leaders who are committed to moving new jersey forward. and that's john corzine, which is why you need to work hard on tuesday. >> reporter: last november the president won new jersey by 15 points. but the latest polls show corzine in a dead heat with republican challenger chris christie. while supporters of the independent chris dagget appear to be shifting to christie. >> i'm not ready to give up yet. i'm ready to fight. >> reporter: president obama's political clout is also being tested in virginia. he has campaigned twice for democrats, but the latest polls show him trailing the republican by double digits. >> cr has been there for the people of virginia. he needs you to be there for him. >> reporter: tuesday's election may not be good news for democrats w. the outlook in new jersey ify and in virginia dismal, the advisors are already in spin mode, denying this election is a referendum on mr. obama. >> whatever the results are, i don't they they for tend a lot i
] >> we're also honored to be joined by the president of the united states, president obama. [applause] >> distinguished members of the house of representatives in the united states senate. the director of the united states mint. senator brooke's wife anne, his son edward, and all of you. >> ladies and gentlemen, please stand for the presentation of the colors by the united states armed forces color guard, the singing of our national anthem, and the retiring of the colors. ♪ ♪ o say can you see by the dawn's early light what so proudly we held -- hailed at the twilight's last gleaming whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming and the rocket's red glare the bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night that our flag was still there o say does that star-spangled banner yet wave o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪ ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, please remain standing as the chaplin of the united states senate, dr. barry black, gives the invocation. >> let us pray. eternal lord god,
you. >>> meanwhile, president barack obama says he'll make a decision within weeks about whether to send more troops to afghanistan. top adviser david axelrod says mr. obama is going through a rigorous decision making process because he wants to make sure the united states has the right strategy in afghanistan. the decision is being complicated by the presidential election problems in that country. the president karzai's opponent in saturday's runoff pulled out of the race citing corruption. >>> word that the squien flu vaccine shortage may be coming to an end. white house officials expect 10 million more doses to be available within the next week. the same obama adviser, david axelrod said that will end the shortage in somestates. they could have 40 million doses available by the end of october but, instead, only 28 million doses have been released. >>> election day is the day after tomorrow in the commonwealth and the latest poll gives republican bob mcdonald's nell bob mcdonald's 53% favored mcdonald's nell and 41% chose deeds. that's a wider lead than back in october. mcdonne
is bringing back jobs and investors' confidence. >>> president obama celebrated halloween the same way that many of you might have, greeting trick-or-treaters. some 2000 kids came to the white house with their parents and mr. obama doled out presidential m & ms, dried fruit and butter cookies made by the white house chef. michelle obama wore cat ears and a top with leopard color. later, they held a reception for military families in the white house. >>> two men allegedly involved with a radical islamist group have an extradition hearing in canada tomorrow. they were arrested in windsor, ontario, yesterday morning. a two-year investigation by the fbi alleges they conspired to commit federal crimes. their arrest came days after a shootout with the fbi in detroit. the one killed in that shooting was also arrested in windsor. >>> the number of kids who died from swine flu jumped this month. the cdc says h 1wun at least 11 have died since the spring. the government says children are at high risk for h1n1 and should get vaccinated. as march snow reports, the advice has some parents divided.
for president obama to decide on the direction of the u.s. war strategy. >> reporter: the top challenger in the looming election walked away in afghanistan. >> i will not participate in the november 7th elections. >> reporter: that all but guarantees karzai will remain in power and that casts the further doubt on the legitimacy on the corrupt government. and abdulla believe that is a fair election is impossible. his supporters hope that the results will eventually be thrown out and a new election scheduled for the spring. >> reporter: the u.n. officials called for the run off after they found 1/3 of the car dye's vote -- car dye's votes were corrupt. >> but the obama administration insists that the afghan leadership has little sway on the decision to send over troops. mcchrystal is urging the president to send 40,000 more troops and the president is weeks away from the decision and that's not sitting well with the republicans. >> the longer the decision hangs, the more jeopardy for the troops. >> reporter: october was the deadliest month for the troops in afghanistan and 68,000 more are
. the president and first lady welcomes 2,000 kids and parents to celebrate the holiday. ms. obama was the only one in costume. they got goody bags full of m & m's and a treat from the white house pastry chef. >>> fox 5's matt acland looks at some more memorable get-ups. >> reporter: it's a tradition aswell known as trick or treating. m street attracting famous people. our first celebrity citing, the athletic and beautiful. >> i'm serena williams. it started to rain, hail, sleet, bring it on. >> reporter: but on a night so frightful, even the dead were spotted. >> did you know maryland monroe is dating the beast. >> we were hoping there won't be that much people. >> i'm a midnight ferry. >> did you make your costume or did your mom do it? >> my mom. >> reporter: for many this was not about dressing up, instead they brought the people for people watching. >> you have done this before? >> oh, yes. >> reporter: what do you think of the outfits so far? >> interesting. >> reporter: to deal with some of the traffic issues, authorities set up barricades along m street and blocked off side streets but
has quit. will that delay president obama's troop decision? abdullah abdullah withdrew because he feared coming election would produce the same kind of fraud as the last one. where does that put u.s. strategy now? can the current government claim any legitimacy? we'll ask the top advisors to president obama, david axelrod. we'll have the same question for senator joe lieberman who wants more troops for afghanistan now. we'll have plenty of questions, too, on health care. then i'll have a final word on nation building. at home and abroad. but first deciding on troops and a strategy on "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs "face the nation" with cbs news chief washington correspondent bob schieffer. and now from cbs news in washington, bob schieffer. >> schieffer: good morning again. joining us from chicago this morning, the white house senior advisor david axelrod. mr. axelrod, the president insisted that the afghan people have a run-off election. he convinced the afghan president karzai to do that after charges that the general election was a fraud. he agreed but he refus
and investor confidence. president obama celebrated halloween the same way many of you might have, greeting trick-or-treaters. 2,000 kids came to the white house with parents and president obama doled out dried fruit m & ms and butter cookies. michelle obama wore cat ears and a leopard patterned shirt. they later had a reception for military families in the white house. >>> two men arrested in windsor ontario yesterday morning. a two-year investigation by the fbi alleges they conspired to commit federal crimes. their arrest came days after a shootout with the fbi in detroit. the son of imam killed in the shooting was also arrested in windsor. >>> the number of kids dying from swine flu jumped this month. it killed 19 kids. at least 114 have died since spring. the government says children are at high risk for h1n1 and should get vaccinated. the advice has some parents divided. >> reporter: laura willington does what she can to keep her daughter healthy, but when it comes to the h1n1 vaccine. >> absolutely not. no. the risk is not worth it. >> reporter: laura has four child
the obama white house has a fat house vibe to it? final lirks the northwest airline pilots who flew 150 miles past the runway say they were distracted by laptops in the cockpit. we will look into whose laptops they were checking out. craig. >> my chromey is shining and i ride around town in my low rider bicycle. >> greg: i have never seen you do that but i'll take your word for it. i'm here with rachel. also from new york city, a halloween attractions love manor and killed her family. so hot, sawn news pour water on her to make steam. comedian brad morris out of chicago. funny year than a near sighted clown using the bones of a keebler elf as cookie cutters. and sitting next to me, jewel hutly. and you would kick him to death in front of his family and they wouldn't even interfere, our "new york times" correspondent. good to see you again, pinch. >> give my best to the chicago tribune. we used to date in the '70s. >> greg: he is now an anchor without boat. steve phillips extended leave got more exitt botanists more tendier in the form of walking papers and his production assistant not s
well over and beyond what we're doing now? how does that match up with president obama and the rest of our responsibility for our economy not to go broke or another recession or what have you while we're trying to solve this problem? and these have to be considered simultaneously. let's say for the sake of argument, the 40,000 mccrystal makes a good piece for. then i suspect that we should give him that opportunity. he is the leader on situations. he's one of the best that i've ever seen come along along with general pa trace -- patreas. we're very fortunate. if this government cannot figure out the leadership, then that is grim. but there is a degree of optimism on their part that we can make a difference and move toward the stability. >> and we're short on time, but the final question. >> and i was wondering, when we talked about is the 44,000 really a possibility, can you just reflect on the level of strain on the armed forces and how long you think that such a an effort could be sustained even if they do invite more troops in. you say we are not in there for the 10 or 15-year na
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